101 0558
By Haloguy67


Blue, Green, Yellow, Red




UNSC Troop Transport

This troop is a Spartan-III with a pistol and jetpack. He also has the things that Jump Pack Brutes have, and this troop comes in many different colours. The colors are listed in the Infobox.This is a very good scout in the air.


  • This is Haloguy67's first creation on this wiki.
  • This is the second Jump-pack character in Halo.

How I Made ItEdit

I made this at Halowarrior47's house. I got a Spartan Troop and a Jump Pack Brute and then I put the Jetpack on the Spartan troop and then I took a picture of if.

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Jump Pack Brute

The original version: Jump Pack Brute

101 0559

The rear view of the Jetpack Spartan.

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