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Made by:Halowarrior47


Brown Silver Gold


Sniper Machine Gun Pistol


UNSC Crow Chopper

This custom Spartan Troop is a Spartan Sniper (I know that in the picture he's holding a machine so sorry about that) has golden legs and arms, not painted. He carries a sniper. There is different forms of him, like with silver legs, and brown legs. He is strong. He doesn't have a sniper rifle. He doesn't always carry a sniper, though. He is also the pilot of the UNSC Crow (a plane). The gold color of him is rarest. Silver is second rarest. Brown is the most common. His armour is like Spartan armour but it is stronger.


  • Gold (Ultra Rare)
  • Silver (Rare)
  • Brown (Common)

Other FactsEdit

  • This Spartan Troop is the first page made by Halowarrior47.
  • There are different versions of his legs and arms.
  • The Brown version is the worst armour for this figure, the Silver armour is second-best, and the Gold is best.
  • This Troop has all of the Spartan Armour except for its arms and legs.
  • In the picture, this troop is holding a machine gun instead of a sniper.

Tutorial On How To Make ThisEdit

1. I got a Halo Green Spartan troop.

2. I get a gun (in this case sniper).

3. I get brown legs, gold legs, and silver legs (from King Arthur).

4. I detach the legs of the Spartan.

Other PicturesEdit

  • Silver
  • Brown
  • Gold

5. Then I place the king arthur body parts on.

6. Then I take a picture.

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